General Information

Athletes must compete in the HEAT uniform or an uniform approved by the HEAT coaching staff.  


Running shoes and running spikes purchases are the responsibility of the athlete.  



Violations of our Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary actions to include dismissal from competition or dismissal from the club.


Once competition starts, parents are not allowed on the field.  If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the HEAT coaching staff.  Parents, please try not to complain in front of your child or the other athletes on the track.  As we all know if your child sees you angry or upset about something, they will more than likely become upset and angry, which affects their performance and their attitudes towards the coaching staff.  Please address all problems after practice or after the track meet if possible.


Each athlete is expected to perform at the best of their ability at all times.  If your child will miss a practice or track meet, be late, or leave early, please notify the coaching staff as soon as possible. 


Event placement is determined by the coaching staff.  The coaching staff will determine the best event, based on the athlete’s ability. Therefore, athletes will be required to participate in various events throughout the year.  The HEAT athletes are not “single-event specialists”.  If you have question or concerns regarding your athlete’s events, please contact the coaching staff after practice.


Relays typically consist of the four fastest runners in each age group.  Participate on a relay at any given time does not hold the athlete’s spot throughout the season.  Relay assignments are subject to change and final determination is made by the coaching staff.