How to prepare for practice:

It is understandable that your athlete is not with you throughout the day, but you can still help to prepare them for practice.  Remind them that it is very important to drink lots of WATER throughout the day.  Sugary juices, sodas, and "sports drinks" are to be avoided, and please do NOT consume any of the so called "energy" drinks on the market.  Also, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Make sure a lite snack is packed to eat before practice.  This could include orange or apple slices, a granola bar, and nut butter (peanut, almond, etc.) and jelly sandwich.

What to bring to practice:

Always bring running shoes, running spikes, sweat pants, and shirt/jacket, t-shirt, and a water bottle.  Do NOT come to practice in school clothes unless they wore the items mentioned above.  High top sneakers and skinny jeans may have their place in today's fashion world, but they have no place on the track.  Also, bring or send additional items to protect against inclement weather, as practice is rarely (read, never) cancelled for these character building opportunities.  Ask us how we know.  ;)


How to prepare for a track meet:

All of the training an athlete has undergone up to this point can only be enhanced by following a solid 48-hour pre-race routine to prepare for a track meet.


   Two days before:

  • Carbo-Load: Eat foods high in carbohydrates at every meal to maximize muscle glycogen stores.  Pasta, oatmeal, and brown rice are excellent choices.

  • Stay off your feet:  Relax as much as possible over the next two days.  That 12-mile hike up South Mountain can wait.

  • Get a good night’s sleep. Pre-race/pre-track meet jitters often make short work of an athlete’s sleep routine the night before competition.  So plan ahead and get a solid 8 hours of rest two nights before the meet.


   The day before:

  • Carb-Load: Continue with a high carbohydrate diet the day before as well.  Incorporate the complex carbs mentioned in the nutrition section for a little variety.

  • Visualize your success: Visualization is one of the most powerful tools for success that we have.  Encourage your athlete to take some time to calm their body and mind, close their eyes and see them competing in their event.  Have them say and see everything that they plan to execute during their event.  There are some great resources online that you can access for further techniques and information. We highly encourage EVERYONE to visualize their success.

  • Prepare your gear: Give yourself adequate time to get your entire race essentials prepared and waiting for you at the door, or better yet, in the car the night before the track meet.  It's never fun to show up at the track meet and realize that you've forgotten spikes or something else just as essential.  Plan ahead.

  • Get some rest: Sleep is cumulative, so do not lose out on the previous night’s sleep success by staying up late.  Go to bed early.


   Race day:

  • Wake up early and eat a good breakfast.  

  • Make sure you have everything you need for competition.

  • Warm up well.

  • Have FUN!


Things to bring to a track meet:

Track meets are an ALL DAY event, so come prepared.  Parents, bring things for comfort, a stadium chair or seat cushion, a cooler with healthy snacks and drinks for you and your athlete, a wide brimmed sun hat and/or tent and comfortable shoes and clothes.  Athletes come dressed in your running uniform, warm-up pants/suit, and running shoes. Also, make sure you bring your track bag with your spikes.